Rioja & The Basque Country Wine Tour

23rd to the 28th of June 2022


Join our 6 day tour to Rioja & The Basque Country with Jenny as your guide, in conjunction with Taste Vacations.


We start our tour by tasting our way through Spain’s most famous wine region, Rioja. We’ll explore the outstanding cuisine and internationally famous wines the area is known for. We will get our fill of Tempranillo, Granacha, and Rioja Blanco, but we make sure to provide a well-rounded itinerary as we will taste both modern and classic wine styles, learn about a wide range of topics covering the complex history and culture of the area, and provide you with time on your own to make your own discoveries.

In the second half of the tour, we’ll make our way to another one of Spain’s great food regions. The fiercely independent Basque Country, or País Vasco as it is known in Spanish, is a picturesque mix of beautiful beaches, verdant agriculture, and sophisticated cities and small towns located in northern Spain.  Perhaps above all, the Basque region is known as a true foodie paradise.  Rumored to employ more chefs per capita than any other part of the world, the Basque region is full of culinary delights.  It is also home to the indigenous Txakoli white wine, a crisp, lightly effervescent variety that naturally accompanies los frutos del mar of the northern coastline. Near the end of the tour, we venture out on a half-day side trip to the French side of País Vasco.



Unique Experiences

  • Join our small group public tour or create your own private group with a minimum of only four people
  • Explore Spain with Jenny Siddall, our British guide who lived many years in Rioja and who has a winemaking background provides key insights into exploring the culture of her adopted homeland
  • Relish the flavors of the area with a picnic by the sea
  • Visit the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, famous for its chocolates and macarons
  • Discover the history of winemaking in Rioja and the towns of Haro, Elciego, San Vicente and Laguardia
  • Take part in a fun local tradition: a tapas crawl with delicious traditional foods paired with wine as you walk from bar to restaurant to bar – a walking feast!
  • Contrast old world vs new world wines and take part in intimate private wine tastings at famous bodegas…and ones you may have never heard of!


Tour Details

  • Location: Spain – La Rioja and Basque Country
  • Next Public Tour Date: June 23 – 28, 2022
  • Trip Price Per Person: $3,500
  • Optional single supplement: $850
  • Guide: Jenny Siddall
  • Meals: All meals included except one dinner and two lunches



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